RIGHT ON TRACK!Avit Media | October 6, 2020

We thought it was time to dedicate a spot on here for the one and only East Midlands Railway. A company we’ve grown a great relationship with over the years and provided them with photography, videography and an overall great experience. 

Working with EMR since 2018, from the beginning of the new franchise, it has always been such a privilege for us; from their Award evenings to their rebranding launches, we have stuck by their side keeping in their brands image throughout all photos & videos, forming relationships and bonds making it pleasurable to work with the team. 

Using the products we produced for them for marketing has shown great feedback and engagement throughout their social media, a great image throughout their websites and also great memories in house for their staff. 

Being able to offer such a wide range of services for them, we can be devoted to them for all their media needs. Such as the first new franchise launch we did for them back in 2018, to the Turbostar Class 170 rebranding in 2020. We also covered their 11 Years of East Midlands Trains event in 2019, and recently provided a customer information awareness shoot on COVID-19. 

East Midlands Railway TeamEast Midlands Railway Photography

Every project we have given AVIT! have always excelled our expectations. No matter how basic the brief we supply, they always respond to this in a creative and exciting energy. They always bring our ideas to life in a way we could not achieve ourselves, and put in 100% at all times. I cannot recommend Ash, Mark and the AVIT team enough. The dream team!” – Jess Hallam, Brand Designer at EMR (East Midlands Railway)

We often find with a lot of our clients that consistency is key, creating an image for your brand and company can be so important as it brings awareness and exposure. Many businesses are usually hesitant when it comes to spending money on photography or video, yes this is understandable however, we have found and proved it to be helpful to have professional photos & videos as branding essential! Your company will benefit a lot, especially in terms of product/service awareness and consumer engagement.

It has also been so great to work alongside a company that gives great respect not only to us but also their staff, spoiling them with award nights and company anniversaries, it is a joy to be a part of from our perspective too! 

As a business, we look forward to continue the work we do with East Midlands Railway and building that relationship further, always bringing something new and fun to the table to keep it fresh and lively.